the cannabis act; an overview

The Cannabis Act; An Overview

On Thursday, April 13 the Canadian Government announced plans for Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act which outlines the legalization of cannabis in Canada making Canada the second country to legalize cannabis after Uruguay and the first G-7 nation to formally propose the full legalization and regulation of cannabis. You might be wondering what exactly this […]

map of countries with legal medical cannabis

Global Medical Cannabis Landscape

image via Cannabisser The long-held perception of cannabis and reefer madness is slowly fading into the background as advances in medical research pertaining to the drug have increased. Many countries have now begun to adopt legislation to legalize cannabis medicinally and other countries have even looked at decriminalizing and legalizing the plant completely. The following […]

can cannabis help those suffering from depression?

Depression and Medical Cannabis

Depression has existed as a recognized illness throughout the centuries. The cause of depression has been attributed to many sources over the years including demons, black bile, a weakness of temperament, aggression, genetics, or a significant change in one’s environment. There have been as many cures suggested for depression as there have been causes and […]

cannabis for the treatment of endometriosis

Endometriosis and Cannabis Treatment

Endometriosis is a common and sometimes debilitating condition experienced by women. This disease is characterized by the growth of tissue, usually the tissue that lines the uterus called the endometrium, growing outside of the uterus. Many common side effects of this disease are: chronic pelvic pain, painful menstrual periods called dysmenorrhea, painful menstrual cramps, painful […]

Can Cannabis Help Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia, also known as myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic condition described as musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. The pain is often characterized as widespread and resistant to standard pain relief drugs in an estimated 35-40 % of cases1. Additionally, sufferers may have other symptoms such as sleep issues, […]

chronic pain and using cannabis as a treatment

Cannabis and Chronic Pain

Pain can be a difficult symptom of an injury, disease process or drug side effect that can greatly hinder an individual’s quality of life. Pain as a symptom can be either acute or chronic in nature. Acute pain can be referred to as sudden pain that is not long lasting; for instance, pain caused by […]

cancer and cannabis treatment

Cannabis and Oncology: Overview

A new era has arisen in the medicinal cannabis world with the use of cancer treatments and symptoms. With new regulations opening in Canada and around the world, cannabis is becoming more easily accessible to patients who are desperate for a new approach for the devastating effects of cancer. Unfortunately, even still in 2016, physicians […]

doctor holding a medical cannabis bottle

A Brief History of Canadian Legal Medical Cannabis

In 1997 the Ontario Court of Appeals found that a law prohibiting cannabis possession was unconstitutional (R vs. Parker – Section 4 of the Controlled Drug and Substance Act) as it essentially forced Canadians who were using medical marijuana to choose between their liberty and their health. In 2001, Health Canada granted access to marijuana […]

medical cannabis for the treatment of anxiety

Cannabis and Anxiety

Cannabis has a long history as a medication that can be utilized for psychiatric disorders. Over 1000 years before Christ, the Indians had utilized cannabis as a hypnotic and tranquillizer in the treatment of anxiety, mania, and hysteria. The Assyrians described cannabis as an anti-depressant and would utilize the plant to relieve symptoms of depression. […]

Closeup of hands with artritis of an old farmer man

Cannabis and Arthritis

Arthritis means joint inflammation. It consists of over 100 different conditions. The most common symptoms for all these conditions are joint and musculoskeletal pain, which is why they are considered to be forms of arthritis. A lot of the time the pain associated with arthritis is a result of inflammation of the joint lining. The […]