the cannabis act; an overview

The Cannabis Act; An Overview

On Thursday, April 13 the Canadian Government announced plans for Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act which outlines the legalization of cannabis in Canada making Canada the second country to legalize cannabis after Uruguay and the first G-7 nation to formally propose the full legalization and regulation of cannabis. You might be wondering what exactly this means going forward and what federal legalization will look like. In this post, you will find an overview of what the Trudeau government has proposed.

Cannabis Act Time Line

It has been widely reported that July 1st, 2018 will the date that prohibition is over, however that’s not quite accurate. The government has suggested that the actual date may shift so as not to coincide with Canada Day. The goal is to have legislation in place by July 2018.

Who Will Be Allowed to Use Cannabis?

All Canadians and visitors to Canada over the age of 18 – unless the age restriction is set differently in your province. Each province will be free to set higher age restrictions.

Will I Be Able to Travel Across the Border With Cannabis?

Provincial borders, yes (as long as you meet age restrictions in both provinces) but not international borders. Import and Export will be limited to only those with Health Canada licenses to import or export.

Will I Be Able to Purchase Cannabis At A Dispensary?

This is another decision that is being left up to provinces to decide. If a province doesn’t put in place a retail distribution or sales framework, adult consumers may be able to purchase directly from a licensed producer online.

Can I Grow My Own Cannabis Plants?

Each household – note household not each person in a household – will be allowed to grow up to four plants but those plants must be no taller than 100 cm.

Can I Buy Edibles?

Edibles will be regulated for health and safety standards. Cannabis infused edible products cannot also contain alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. Another important aspect here is that the federal act prohibits “cannabis or a cannabis accessory that has an appearance, shape or other sensory attributes that there are reasonable grounds to believe could be appealing to young persons.” which means that gummy bears and similar products will likely not be allowed.

What Will Change in Regards to the ACMPR?

Nothing just yet. Your medical cannabis prescription will stay the same as will the rules governing how you access medical cannabis. However, the Liberal Government has suggested that they will continue to assess the ACMPR and make changes if needed.

You can find the full text of the Cannabis Act available to read here. If you have concerns or questions we welcome you to get in touch.

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